Who is behind VANCOUVERZEN?
My name is Caroline Terree. -- I am a graphic designer and the author of a series of thrillers set in and around Vancouver known as "Série CSU / Agent Kovacs".
I am based in Belfast (UK / Northern Ireland) and since 2000, I have spent around two months each year in Vancouver (Canada).

VANCOUVERZEN is a photography and design project stemming from my love for Vancouver. The idea is to offer free poster designs: photographic ones (created from photos I have taken, in and around the city), as well as typographic ones.​​​​​​​

What about the legal stuff?
It's pretty simple:
-- All poster designs (including the photos featured on them) are © Caroline Terree.
-- They can be printed, for free, for personal use.
-- They cannot be used for any commercial purposes.
-- They cannot be sold to, or by, other parties (digital files or in print).
-- They cannot be made available on other websites.
*Note: downloading any VANCOUVERZEN design/file/poster means that you have accepted the LICENSE AGREEMENT.

Where are the specs to print the posters available on this site?
Please refer the the SIZE GUIDE. -- You can download the PDF here. It is also available alongside the PDF for download (Google Drive).

I'd like to license some of your work for commercial use. Is that possible?
Yes. Just contact me using the contact form.

I need to contact you. Can I do it in French or in English?
Yes. I am bilingual.

What is "Série CSU / Agent Kovacs"?
Série CSU (also known as "Agent Kovacs") is the name of a series of thrillers set in Vancouver I have been writing since 2003. Nine episodes have been published to date. The novels are written like episodes of a TV series and follow an FBI agent and her team, tackling difficult cases.

Are your novels only available in French?
Right now: yes. But the series was written to be translated into English, and adapted for the screen as a TV series. -- So, "stay tuned"! :)

Where can I find out more about your work?
1) For my work as an AUTHOR: www.seriecsu.com
2) For my work as a DESIGNER: www.cterree.com
3) For my posters and photos: www.vancouverzen.com

Why the name "VANCOUVERZEN"?
Most of the photos I take when I'm in Vancouver are in/of natural settings (forests, parks, mountains, beaches, etc.) – and the main things I enjoy when I'm over there are 'zen' moments... Hence the main theme and name for this project. This is also the reason why the photographic posters are more about "moments" and "atmospheres" than showing 'postcard-like' touristic settings. They are more like the way I see and experience different places, in a personal and subjective way.​​​​​​​